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Anita Austin Jacobs Wainwright artist

Wainwright, Anita

12 x 10  oil/artboard  unframed
c. 1920

laura marquand walker artist

Walker, Laura

Cornish, NH
20 x 20  tapestry framed
c. 1900

henry oliver walker artist

Walker, Henry Oliver

New Moon
28 x 20  oil/canvas  framed
c. 1890

henry olver walkerist

Walker, Henry Oliver

12 x 8  oil/canvas  framed
c . 1875

William ward artist

Ward, William A

Spring FIeld
16 x 20  oil/canvas  unframed
c . 1895

Alice Ware Cunningham Artist

Ware, Alice

Wild Iris
35 x 25  oil/canvas  framed
c. 1890

Fredrick Judd Waugh artist

Waugh, Frederick Judd

The Portal
14 x 10  oil/board  framed
c. 1930

owe zerge artist

Zerge, Owe

18 x 12  drawing  framed
c. 1925

Zerge, Owe artist

Zerge, Owe

20 x 17  drawing  unframed
c. 1935

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