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george sands artist

Sand (Simonnet), George

The Shepard
10 x 6.3  mixed media  unframed
d. 1840

Howard (Bob) Schafer artist

Schafer, Howard (Bob)

20 x 24  oil/canvas  framed
c. 1950

walter sherwood artist

Sherwood, Walter

Family Dance
14 x 16  oil/canvas  framed
c. 1920

Shima Tamami artist

Shima, Tamami

Enclosed Horses
14.25 x 21.75  woodblock  unramed
d. 1961

peter shoemaker artist

Shoemaker, Peter

16 x 12  collage  unframed
d. 1957

alice simpson artist

Simpson, Alice

Essex Marshes
8 x 20  watercolor  unframed
c. 1900

marie haughton spaethmarie haughton spaethmarie haughton spaethmarie haughton spaeth

Spaeth, Marie Haughton

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Harry Spiers artist

Spiers, Harry

My Back Yard
24 x 20  gouache  unframed
c. 1935

Spiers harry artist

Spiers, Harry

The Brook
24 x 20 mixed media  unframed
d. 1935

augustus tack artist

Tack, Augustus Vincent

The Call Home
52 x 32  oil/canvas  framed
c. 1895

harry thompson artist

Thompson, Harry Ives

The Shepard
32 x 26  oil/canvas  framed
c. 1890

tilton artist

Tilton, John

View Towards Concord, NH
36 x 45  oil/canvas  unframed
d. 1850

alex vion civil war

Vion, Alex

Union Troups Marching
6 x 8  drawing  framed
d. 1863

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