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john jagel

Jagel, John

Self Portrait with Sun
14 x 8  oil/artboard  unframed
d. 1954

japanese print

Japanese Print

18 x 24  print  unframed
c. 1960

moris kallem artist

Kallem, Morris

My sons (Herbie and Henry)
14 x 10  charcoal  framed
c. 1932

henry kallem artist

Kallem, Henry

Monhegan Reflections
16 x 40  oil/board  framed
c. 1956

edwin hale lincoln photograph

Lincoln, Edwin Hale

The America
7.5 x 9.5  platinum print  unframed
c. 1890

charles logasa artist

Logasa, Charles

The Ticket Line
20 x 24  oil/canvas  unframed
c. 1917

charles logasa artist

Logasa, Charles

The White House
16 x 12  oil/canvas  framed
c. 1920

charles logasa artist

Logasa, Charles

‍20 x   oil/canvas  framed
c. 1925

george luks painting

Luks, George

Ready for Winter
24 x 20  oil/canvas  framed
c. 1923

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