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sears gallagher artist painting

Sears Gallagher

Custom House, Boston
8.5 x 6.75  etching  unframed
c. 1910

german school drawing

German School

8 x 4  drawing  framed
c. 1850

maurice glickman sculptor

Glickman, Maurice

Wrestling Babes
16 x 20 x 18 marble
c. 1945

abraham hankins philadelphia artist

Hankins, Abraham

Beneath the Sea
30 x 24 oil/canvas
d. 1948

Mamie Harmon ArtistMamie Harmon ArtistMamie Harmon ArtistMamie Harmon Artist

Harmon, Mamie

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eugene higgins artist

Higgins, Eugene

To and From the Pueblo
30 x 40  oil/canvas  framed
c. 1918

charles hoffbauer artist

Hoffbauer, Charles

The Acropolis
5 x 10  oil/canvas  unframed
c. 1917

philip holdensen artist

Holdensen, Philip

18 x 12  mixed media  unframed
d. 1907

william morris hunt artist

Hunt, William Morris

Singing Beach
9 x 17  oil/board  framed
c. 1877

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